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We realize that the busy professional lives of typically hard-working Haligonian singles can often leave little time to meet new people.

This is why we offer an easier way to connect to potential partners - we utilize smart-profiling techniques and a localized recommendation system to ensure that the profiles we suggest to you are both compatible and from the area you choose.

These are an excellent source for obituaries and researching local history events.

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Katharine Mc Lennan (1892 – 1975) is a prominent figure in Cape Breton history. Through travel, study, and private tutors Katharine developed a passion for a range of interests and causes.

It is designed to digitize the personal collection of photos, artworks, and diary entries of Katharine.

This site provides a detailed history of the Mc Lennan family from their roots in Scotland through to their activities in Sydney and Louisbourg.

Then one night, after she returned from a weekend away, Drew told Amanda he had put the finishing touch on the tank.

"He said, 'Come here Amanda, I want to show you something...